Let’s play some daily Wordle-like games!

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1. Be kind and respectful in chat, both to me and to others. Please keep language in chat “family friendly.”

2. Do not make word suggestions for my Wordle shorts. The appropriate place to make those suggestions is in the comment section of the latest shorts video.

3. These are “collaborative” in that you can yell out suggestions all you want, but please be honest and avoid participating if you’ve already done the daily puzzle and know the answer.

4. Do not spam – meaning do not repeat the same message or similar messages over and over, especially in quick succession.

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Redactle: Guess the wikipedia article title. Most of the words are redacted and you guess them to reveal them.

Blankle: Fill in the blank in a sentence.

Semantle: Guess a word with unlimited guesses. It tells you how semantically similar your guess is to the desired word.

Squaredle: Guess 6 5-letter words at once in a crossword-like shape

Dordle: Do two Wordles at the same time.

Quordle: Do four Wordles at the same time.

Octordle: Do 8 Wordles at the same time.

Sedecordle: Do 16 Wordles at the same time.

Revertle: Figure out a “hidden” word and then try to not place letters in those spots.

Word500: Wordle, but you only get the count of green/yellow.

Wordzy Master: Wordle, but you only get the count of green/yellow. Has additional game modes.

Xordle: Solve two Wordles at once on the same board.

Wordle Peaks: Find a word based on high/low clues for each letter.

Symble: Variant of Wordle where the clues are more difficult to figure out.

SwapWord: Swap tiles in a grid to form words.

Lordle of the Rings: Wordle, but the word must appear somewhere in the Lord of the Rings novels.

SWordle: Wordle, but the word is from Star Wars.

Trekle: Wordle, but Star Trek.

Hogwartle: Wordle, but Harry Potter.

Cosmertle: Wordle, but Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson books).

Worldle: Guess a country or territory based on shape. Tells you direction and distance from each guess.

Globle: Guess a county based on vague proximity to previous guesses.

Worldle Daily: Get placed in the world and guess where you are within 6 guesses.

Geoguessr: Get placed in the world and guess where you are.

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1:58:43 Country Streak 476-496

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