Learn the rules to the board game Wordle the Party Game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to have the fewest points. Write everyone’s name on the scoring table. Give each player a board, dry erase marker, and shield. Players use the shield to hide their board from their opponents. Pick one player to be the first host.

When you are the host, secretly write any 5 letter word on the secret word board, then flip it over. You are allowed to write any word found in a dictionary with these exceptions: You may not write a proper noun, abbreviation, words in other languages, Acronyms, free standing prefixes or suffixes, hyphenated words, contractions, or a plural word.

Now, every other player secretly write in a guess on their board for what they think your secret word is. Guesses are allowed to be plural words. Once a guesser finishes, the host looks at the board and marks their guess as follows: a green chip goes on a letter that is in the host’s word and in the correct location and a yellow chip goes on a letter that is in the host’s word but is in an incorrect location. A letter not covered means it does not exist in the host’s word. The host may challenge any word guessed, and if it is invalid, then the word is erased and the player must try again. Once the host marks your board, the host then announces to all the players how many green and yellow chips were given, but they do not reveal specific letters.

After the host has corrected your board, you get to guess again. Cross off letters in the bottom to help you solve the secret word. Once you guess the word, the host announces it but does not reveal the word. If you are unable to guess the word in 6 tries then you stop. If the host makes a mistake, then the host goes back to the row where the mistake occurred and fixes it, then erases all the guesses below that one.

Once everyone is finished, points are scored. You get 1 point for each guess you made. If you didn’t guess the host’s word in 6 tries, then you get 7 points. Mark down the score and the role of host rotates to the next player on the score board. The game ends after each payer has been the host once. Then the player with the fewest points, wins.

If players are taking too long, then you can play with a time limit for each guess. If the time runs out, then cross off that row. You can also play fast mode. Players race to solve the word first. The first player to solve the word earns one point and everyone else earns 0. The player with the most points wins.