This is the 2nd of 9 videos in the Building a Wordle App clone series. In this video we will begin our UI design by creating our Game Board.

We will be creating our Model for each guess, and a DataModel class to handle all interactions for our view

We will also be creating an extension to the Color view along with a global Constants file to make our code more readable and easier to deal with.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:51 Application Setup
4:24 Color Extension
6:00 The Guess Model
8:39 The GuessView
11:58 The Wordle DataModel
15:06 Global Properties
17:45 Adding Board to GameView

Project Resources:
You can download the completed project from the previous video in this series from the link provided in the description of that video.

Completed Project:

Complete Video Series
1. Overview and Application Setup

2. Designing the Game Board

3. Designing the Keyboard

4. 5 Letter Words and Verification

5. Checking Letter Matches

6. Card Flip and Key Colors

7. Toast View and Statistics

8. Share Sheet and Color Mod

9. Hard Mode, Help and Synched Statistics

References mentioned in video:
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Other References:
Stewart Lynch’s YouTube Channel:

Stewart Lynch on Twitter: