What is Wordle? How to Play wordle? Why Wordle is viral? Story of Wordle: In this video, we cover all these questions about Wordle Game, Wordle Game is a 5 mystery word guessing game. To play this game you can click on this link: , Wordle is made by Josh Wardle a Reddit engineer. Wordle is so viral because the game gives a 5 letter mystery word to you and you have only 5 attempts and you can play this game only once. (TO KNOW THE FULL STORY OF THE GAME SCROLL DOWN)#wordlegame#whatiswordle#howtoplaywordle
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Wordle is made by Reddit engineer Josh Wardle he made this game for his Indian origin wife palak shah due to her love for puzzle games. The game was released in October 2022 and it became an internet sensation within a month of its release along with it the game can be only played once and players get a scorecard to share their performance on social media which makes the process more fun.
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