Wordle cheat tips

Here we reveal all the secrets of the Wordle cheat process. Follow along to learn the most useful things about the game and improve your skill.

Wordle cheat tips

How to win

At first sight, the game might appear exhausting for some people. But with our recommendations, you don’t need to worry. Focus on the amusing aspect and just have fun. It will be easy to win using the following tricks:

  • Use more common English letters. In order to quickly finish the quest, type the words containing a, s, t, etc. This way you increase your chances to guess correctly. Chances are that you will solve the riddle within minutes if using this approach.
  • Be creative. If you are willing to puzzle out the word, apply diverse tools. Combine smart tips (like the one above) and intelligence. You can think of a word you read in a book earlier. Also, you might simply google some new word and write it on the game board. That’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and apply recently learned words in practice. So don’t limit yourself with your own knowledge alone.

Wordle cheat intricacies

Over time you’ll find that it’s getting easier to think of a correct word. What you need comes to your mind at once. A 5-letter word with a starting “s” and final “t”? Easy! A 10-letter one with a double “l” in the end? No problem. If that’s how you’d like to see yourself, practice more. Eventually, you’ll notice having better memory and a bigger vocabulary. However, you need to play smart and try different game modes. Once you feel comfortable with guessing 5-letter words, go further. Increase the level of difficulty and deal with 7 letters, then with 9 letters. Feeling at ease with solving 11-letter words is the ultimate goal here.


Do you want to get smarter while playing? Then we recommend that you play Wordle, cheat and win. Using our advice will help you get better at word games and truly enjoy them. Looking for a fun and challenging multiplayer game? Smash Karts has got you covered. Play now!