Wordle is a word puzzle with a twist. Psychology experts explain the sudden obsession with Wordle, a simple word game that has taken over the internet.
Train your brain and test your vocabulary by finding as many words as you can within the given time. Simply swipe the letters to build a word, scoring points along the the way. If you enjoy word games you’ll love Wordle!
Wordle! One word, five letters, six tries, once a day. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or really any kind of social media, you’ve almost certainly seen these white, yellow and green boxed letters, almost always posted without commentary. For a game, the rules are simple enough to understand.
But that simplicity disguises a surprisingly stimulating exercise: Letter elimination is as important as (and sometimes more than) actual correct guesses. Wordle has become the first viral game of 2022, with millions of players sharing their daily scores. The simple puzzle can only be played once a day, and it wasn’t originally made for mass consumption. Experts say a combination of timing, functionality, and wholesomeness has added to its appeal. Over 3 million people read Morning Brew; you should too. Firstly, you only need a web browser to play — there are no gaming consoles to buy or apps to download. Secondly, you only get one puzzle a day. Once you’ve guessed the word, you won’t get another until after midnight.

Enjoy the Wordle!!