Wordle – How to play Wordle Game | What is Wordle Todays Word/Answers. A Daily Word Game Wordle
Today’s Wordle Word Game is trending on twitter these days and people are looking for how to play Wordle and Wordle today’s word.

What is Wordle?
Wordle is a word-guessing online website game

How to play Wordle!
To begin with, Wordle is not an application but more like an old-school game that you can only browse. You can also play Wordle on powerlanguage.co.uk for free.

Players have 6 chances or try to guess a 5 letter word.This puzzle is released every midnight.

The word you guess must be an existing word and you will get feedback on whether the word you guess is right or in exact position or not.

You get coloured feedback. If the box gets green it means your guess is right. The yellow box means the word is right but not in the exact position while the gray box graphic means your guess is totally Wrong.

Today I played for the first time and today’s Wordle Word is Prick
You can try also.
Play for yourself at: