Wordle stumpers: Part 2!!!: Do you ever find yourself scratching your head because of one of the letters that Wordle says is in the solution, just doesn’t seem to fit? Somehow, you’re having a temporary thinking block, and have gone through what you think are every possible letter combination and you are still coming up with NOTHING? This is the first part of a series of Wordle tips to help you deal with the Wordle Stumpers. #Wordle #Wordletips #wordlestrategy

This is Wordle Stumpers Part 2 and focuses on the letters J K L M N P Q. It is part of a longer series that takes a deeper look into the problems you may have in finding a solution when J K L M N P Q are part of the final answer. Wordle – the alphabet series – should help all Wordle players.

Wordle is the game that has been sweeping the Internet. With only one hand each day, players have six chances to guess the daily five-letter word. A green square indicates a correct letter in the correct spot and a yellow letter reveals a correct letter in a different spot.

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Wordle Game Strategy when Stuck

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