The Players are taking it up another notch in #todayswordle @Locomotive Train Station is looking to emulate @bobbo0616 ‘s feat from Game 9
This amazing #wordle tournament is heating up. You can’t miss it.

To celebrate #wordle ‘s milestone of reaching 500 games. Our community will be playing a two-week tournament.
Tournament Player’s Draft

Game 1: @starryrz
Game 2: @bobbo0616
Game 3: @The Donut Bros
Game 4: @Tornado the Twixter
Game 5: Kennyfa
Game 6: @Locomotive Train Station
Game 7: @TheBonehead1997
Game 8: Sha Laz
Game 9: @bobbo0616
Game 10: @Locomotive Train Station

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Best luck to all of the players.

#wordle 509