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Learn how to play the new Wordle Game and clear the confusion around the wordle game app and know which one is the real or fake wordle app.

Here’s the Link to Play the Wordle Game or the Wordle Game Website:

Wordle is the latest trending app developed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle from Brooklyn New York and the game became very popular recently with over 300,00 users and more being added every minute.

There’s a lot of confusion around the wordle app as officially there’s no app for the wordle game and it can only be played from the website directly.

There was a clone app for wordle created on the app store which has been removed by apple now.

I’ve explained the whole gameplay of wordle app so you can learn how to play wordle game and how to create a bookmark of the wordle game on your phone’s home screen and make it look like an app.

Wordle is an online word game developed by Josh Wardle, a programmer from Brooklyn who had previously created the social experiments Place and The Button for Reddit. Every day, a five-letter word is chosen that players aim to guess within six tries.

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