Have you played Wordle?

My whole family is hooked on Wordle. It challenges us to think of letters and words and problem solve. Plus it gives the family something fun to talk about everyday.

Thinking like a kids’ yoga teacher, I thought about how we could play YOGA Wordle with the use of the Yoga Alphabet. This would entertain the students, make their minds think, and do yoga poses all at the same time!

We figured it out. Watch the video to find out how to play!

The Yoga Alphabet is part of the Yoga Literacy Module, which has lots of yoga games in it. Visit the Young Yoga Masters. website to learn more.

You can get the Yoga Wordle PDF by registering here:

Watch the video to find out how to play Yoga Worldle in your yoga classes.
00:00 – Intro
01:16 – How to play Yoga Wordle
04:08 – Let’s play Yoga Wordle
07:27 – Upward hands pose
07:47 – Elephant pose
08:28 – Lunge pose
08:56 – Valley pose
09:26 – Imagination pose
10:41 – ALIVE – green, orange or gray
14:28 – Alive pose
15:05 – Oaktree pose
17:20 – Camel pose
19:15 – Bow pose
20:40 – Relax pose
21:23 – COBRA – green orange, gray
22:41 – Wordle game discussions
24:26 – Tips for yoga teachers in facilitating Yoga Wordle Game
27:29 – Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training Live-zoom new cohort
29:02 – Importance of Monthly check-in
31:07 – End